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Master Physique parcours Physique cellulaire (PC)

MASTER sciences and technology

Major in PHYSICS


An integrated program with physicists, biologists, chemists, mathematicians.

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Presentation :

Objectives of this year program are to train students in physics, biology, chemistry, and maths, with practicals. The focus is targeted on biological functions and translations between scientific fields.

Topics : Systems Biology, Cell Physics, Developmental Biology, Statistical Mechanics, Collective effects, Experimental Physics, Chemical Biology.

Practicals : Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Numerical Simulations, Machine Shop, Microfabrication and Microfluidics, Electronics, Imaging.

Targeted skills :

Students who will graduate from this program will have a deep understanding of living matter and its complexity. With basics at the beginning of the year in Biology, Physics, Maths, Chemistry, and the students from any scientific backgrounds will be prepared to follow lectures by 20 lecturers from Europe in this integrated course. Each week, a Master meeting will allow to debate ideas in lectures and in the field. Introductions to scientific writing and patents will be given throughout the year.

Job opportunities :

This program prepares for doctoral studies in France and abroad. It leads to jobs in the public and private sectors (scientists, engineers, lecturers, project managers, journalists).

Laboratory internship :

Internships start in March and typically 60 offers are received for about 10 students accepted in the Cell Physics Master.

Management Board :

  • Daniel Riveline, Physics, Strasbourg
  • Joseph Schacherer, Biology, Strasbourg.
  • Nicolas Giuseppone, Chemistry, Strasbourg.
  • Laurent Navoret, Maths, Strasbourg.

Access and recruitement :

  • M1.
  • M2 : academic files and interview ; eligible through master I or equivalent diploma.
  • Online application via Ecandidat or campus France.

Contacts/information :

  • Program assistant : Carine BUCHER / 03 68 85 05 85 / Office n° 142.

More details : here

BMP - 1.1 Mo