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Livret pédagogique


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Practical information and useful documents

  • Settling in Strasbourg : click here.
  • International student support : click here.
  • Withdrawal of diplomas : The diplomas obtained during the academic year N are available at the Tuition Service 6 months later. To get your degree, just go directly to the Tuition Service. You can also apply to send by post. The cost and the procedure for sending the diplomas are available here. To know more.
  • Cancellation, exemption, reimbursement of registration fees : click here.
  • Admission, registration and tuition : click here.
  • Alsace campus pass. Delivered at the administrative registration, it serves as a student card and allows payment in university restaurants, payment of public transport CTS (Bus and tram), access to sport facilities of the University, the borrowing of books and documents from university libraries, making photocopies. Learn more.
  • Information about the Language Resource Center is available on this page.
  • Social Assistant : In case of personal or material difficulties contact the social workers of CROUS. For more information, you can go here.
  • Campus facilities : click here.
  • Accommodation click here.
  • Culture and sports : click here.

Download the international students guide : here.

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avr 12 2021
Student mobility within Eucor – The European Campus

Consultez la vidéo ici.

avr 11 2021
Témoignages d’étudiants en licence

Consultez les témoignages vidéos d’étudiants en licence Physique et licence Sciences pour l’ingénieur de la Faculté de physique & ingénierie.

mar 08 2021
Quel master après ma licence ?

"" regroupe l’intégralité des diplômes nationaux de master proposés par les établissements d’enseignement supérieur en France.

mar 01 2021
Offre de formation

Consultez le détail de notre offre de formation sur le site de l’Unistra.

déc 02 2020

Lien du serveur Discord : ici.

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avr 16 2021
Groupe facebook de la Faculté

avr 16 2021
Gazette de la Faculté

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