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International Master on Polymer Science (IM-PolyS)

Contact à Strasbourg : Vincent LE HOUEROU

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A transnational Master programme between Freiburg and Strasbourg

Built on a long-standing transnational collaboration in training and research, the University of Freiburg in Germany and the University of Strasbourg in France offer an International Master programme in “Polymer Science” (IM-PolyS).

In an intercultural environment, the IM-PolyS aims at providing a comprehensive and interdisciplinary training including chemical, physical and biological aspects of polymer and sotf matter sciences. Contacts with industry and early possibilities to specialize according to individual preferences will offer broad opportunities for a career in the industry or academia.

This IM-PolyS is supported by the Franco-German University (Université Franco-Allemande / Deutsch-Franzöisishe Hochschule) in the framework of its PhD-Track programme, an ambitious programme linking high-level university studies at the Master level to doctoral research.

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mar 28 2017
Supporting grant for 2nd year master students

Financial support for 10 months. All students in physics with an excellent academic background are eligible. Application form to be send before June 16th 2017. More information.

fév 07 2017
Quel master après ma licence ?

"" regroupe l’intégralité des diplômes nationaux de master proposés par les établissements d’enseignement supérieur en France.

jul 11 2016
Témoignages d’étudiants en licence

Consultez les témoignages vidéos d’étudiants en licence Physique et licence Sciences pour l’ingénieur de la Faculté de physique & ingénierie.

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